• Today is: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hilarious Pranks For April Fools’ Day


Every year, the incognito jesters of the world circle April 1st on their calendars. With glee, they cook up all the wacky pranks they hope to pull on their friends and co-workers so that, by April 2nd, everyone within a 10-foot radius of them becomes slightly paranoid that they’re about to fall victim to an embarrassing gaffe.

But this year, you don’t have to waltz into April Fools’ Day unarmed. With these pretty simple and hilarious pranks, you can pull the rug out from under the jokesters in your life before they even roll out of bed. And maybe — just maybe — it’ll be you circling April 1st this time around…

1. Those who are notorious for taking a long time at the grocery store might just want to stay home for April Fools’ Day. Otherwise, you might find your car trapped in a ring of shopping carts. Better than a ring of fire, we guess!

2. Make your friends and co-workers think you went all-out on a prank by taping a handful of balloons behind a windowed door. Watching them strategize how to overcome a room they think is packed with balloons is your reward.

3. Make this prank twist the arm a little bit more by first telling your sloppy roommate you hung up all of her clothes. Watch with delight as her joy fades quickly to confusion then suffering.

4. Cut out the juiciest, fattest paper bug your imagination will allow for and stick it to a lampshade to create a terrifying shadow. It’s best you stick your creation to a lamp you don’t care about — otherwise, it might get squashed in the ensuing chaos!

5. Your friends will never forget the car ride where the driver’s seat came to life and gently massaged their earlobes as they merged lanes in rush-hour traffic. If everyone makes it out alive you can laugh about it later.

6. On April Fools’ Day, treat everyone like a stranger and don’t take food from them. Because otherwise you might bite into a lovely caramel onion (disguised as a caramel apple).

7. Give your coworkers the gift of nature by drizzling a few grass seeds into the cracks of their keyboards. This works best on messy eaters, whose keyboards are usually covered in seed-like crumbs anyway.

8. Actually, why stop at just the keyboard? Bring the Great Outdoors to the office this April Fools’ Day and give your co-worker an entire desk lawn to maintain. That’ll be a pain to mow!

9. This prankster must have had hours to spare and a back made of iron to painstakingly place these cups of water in the school’s hallways. Imagine students tiptoeing around those… or more than likely punting them down the hall.

10. Step 1: Wait until everyone at the office has had their morning coffee. Step 2: wait until the 10:30 a.m. bathroom rush. Step 3: sacrifice a pair of pants to make your sweating co-workers wait a lifetime for the stall.


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