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These Architects Had One Job And Failed in Spectacular Fashion


Everyone makes mistakes, but 90 percent of them can probably be avoided if we just think things through. That mullet you rocked in the 9th grade surely wasn’t the best idea, and using baby oil to suntan was definitely not a good call; if a little extra thought could’ve prevented these screw-ups, why not apply the same logic to everything in life?

Well, it looks like there are plenty of people who aren’t fans of this advice, and a good number of them all seem to be working in the construction industry. Not only could these architectural fails have been prevented with some extra thought, but they’re all so ridiculous that they make funhouses look normal!

1. Changing the Game: The number-one complaint that most men have about public restrooms is that they’re too predictable. Forward-facing urinals? Yawn. Mount them sideways! Let men stare directly at whoever’s next to them! The future is now!

2. Made For Fun: Whoever poured these steps clearly had kids in mind: what better way to play “the floor is lava” than by placing the door a leap away? Let’s just hope grandma doesn’t try to walk out this way again…

3. Darwinism at Work: This bank is really committing to the whole “survival of the fittest” notion. By preventing anyone under 7’10” from accessing their bank account, they’ll have created a world full of giants by the year 4000!

4. She’s a Brick: But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is… a chimney? Peeping Toms be warned: if she catches you, she’ll hit you like a ton of bricks!

5. The Price of Beauty: For those that find their shower head a bit lackluster, this high-end one will transform your bathroom into a luxury spa. The upper piping is 100 percent jutting through someone’s bedroom floor, but who needs a tidy room when you’ve got a beautiful shower?

6. Bathroom With a View: Is your bathroom experience a little too private? Do passersby complain they don’t see enough of you on the toilet? With this state-of-the-art panoramic window, you’ll never miss out on awkward eye contact with the mailman again!

7. Good Intentions: What is this, Fort Knox? With two sturdy locks on this door, it’d take the force of a rhinoceros to get inside. Either that or someone just needs to pull the door sideways…

8. Work Smart, Not Hard: Why buy a bath mat when you can turn the entire floor into one? Now any excess water from the shower or mysterious toilet liquids will get soaked right up and sit damp for days on end. Genius!

9. Vroom Vroom: This garage placement looks like something out of a Fast and Furious movie. The only way anyone could conceivably park a car inside is to drive full speed into the railing, do a barrel roll, and set off a series of super-cool explosions. Your move, Dwayne Johnson.

10. Time Saver: This makes perfect sense: now, instead of setting off the fire alarm while making mac ‘n cheese after a long night out, you can save yourself the trouble and just flip a switch!

11. Best Seats in the House: Baseball fans know how disappointing it is to see their favorite team lose, so next time you fork over $150 for a pair of nosebleed seats, make sure you settle into this section. You’ll never know the score either way!

12. Knock Knock: In all likelihood, this door was probably put here just so people would talk about it. Does the mystical land of Half World lie beyond it? Could this be the lair of legendary superhero Half Man? The world may never know…

13. Peek-a-Boo: Traveling for work is rough, and the best part of the day is usually getting back to the comfort and privacy of your hotel. Well, this guest can forget that last part — the gap in the curtain lets passersby see the entire room in the mirror’s reflection.

14. Not Again: Well, it looks like another year of dragging books around for Billy, who was assigned locker 207 just a few short months after leaving 206 behind. Billy tried to get the railing moved last year, but Principal Higgenbottom just told him to climb under it.

15. Just Out of Reach: This is just plain heartbreaking. Imagine walking miles in search of a place to sit only to be kept mere inches from a comfortable bench by this random fence. Desert mirages aren’t even this cruel!

16. No Pizza For You: Whoever paved over this manhole must really hate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Looks like it’s back to training with Master Splinter to prepare for Shredder’s next attack.

17. True Vision: Most people would take one look at this staircase and tell you that the builder was totally incompetent. Little do they realize the true purpose of its placement — now you can finally slide down the railing without bumping into the walls!

18. Ahead of the Curve: The plumbers union mocked this handyman for his faucet work, but it wasn’t until later they realized he’d developed the world’s first self-cleaning sink! Sure, the bathroom will probably flood at some point, but that’s a small price to pay for innovation.

19. Break for Outlet: What’s the point of putting glass in front of something as commonly used as a power outlet? Now every time you need to juice up your iPhone, just tape those fists up and get to swinging!

20. Better Safe Than Sorry: Instead of simply taking this clock off the wall and moving it somewhere else, the contractor decided to build around it. He felt that the clock was so perfectly placed that moving it even an inch would anger the gods.


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