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So here’s the deal with Stanley: He’s a mama’s boy. And he’s okay with that.

On this particular day, Mom refused to call in sick (like always), and he’d been stuck at home all day with Dad, who (not to be mean or anything) once again managed to mess up breakfast. When he was napping, Stanley snuck into the kitchen and got her on the line, and now he’s waiting for her to pick up so he can tell her how much he misses her. Luckily, Dad manages to get the whole conversation on camera.

stanley calls mom


Hello?” Jennifer says on her end of the line…


“Stanley?” Dad prompts.

“What’s up, Stanley?” Mom calls out.

stanley airedale terrier

But Stanley’s literally at a loss for words. He had a whole speech prepared, he spent all that time getting the wording just right. Why didn’t he just write it down?

“Stanley, I love you!”

It’s at the tip of his tongue, but he can’t remember a word of it now because he’s overcome with emotion just hearing her voice!

If you loved me, you wouldn’t have left me!

Mom tries her best to console him, but he’s so upset, he won’t even let her finish. We only get bits and pieces of the conversation for the next 15 or so seconds, but one thing’s clear: Mom’s in the dog house.

Is that all you’re going to say?

I think I’ve been pretty clear on this point: You need to come home! I’m about to go on a hunger strike, which unofficially started this morning when Dad messed up breakfast. Can you believe this? You’re supposed to mix the wet food with the kibble. Thoroughly. But not him, he just slopped a big spoonful on top and expected me…

They go back and forth like this for more than a minute, Mom trying to talk him out of his bad mood and Stanley getting more (adorably) upset the longer they go. Mom finally realizes there’s nothing she can do, short of caving in to his demands, so Dad tells him to wrap it up.

“Bye bye! Be a good boy!” she calls out cheerily.

His response?

“My favorite thing is that he refused to say Goodbye,” one viewer wrote. “I don’t like goodbyes either, Stanley.”


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